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What is this journey to the
Sacred Temple of the Heart?

It begins with the awareness that our mind and intellect have been running our lives. We’ve been conditioned to believe this is the way to live and to be “successful” in the world.  From an early age, I remember hearing “She’s so smart; she’s going to go far in life”.  We were taught that the more intelligent and talented someone was, the more people would like them and more opportunities would open for them to be successful. 
There comes a time when we begin to realize that our mind doesn’t take into consideration our heart and intuition. And the more we become aware of this, the more we desire to acknowledge and respect our heart’s wisdom. Many times this makes no logical sense and we can’t explain why we are drawn to something. There’s a magnetic pull that keeps showing up in our consciousness, gently tugging at our heart asking us to look closer and listen
Science has confirmed that our human bodies have three “minds”: the head, the heart and the gut. The HeartMath Institute has done extensive research on the heart’s electromagnetic field and how heart–brain coherence affects us.
“Connect to your heart to find the answers.” “He’s all in his head, not in his heart.” Does this sound familiar to you? Our culture is recognizing the wisdom of the heart more and more, however, after decades of being conditioned to operate from our mind and thoughts, it can be challenging to tap into the heart and create this connection and coherence.
This is where the journeys into the Sacred Temple of the Heart come in. It’s a very simple system of guided meditations that initiate you to 13 frequencies which provide a transmission, an attunement and self-reflection questions to help integrate the frequencies. It's interactive in the sense that it requires your  willing participation and engagement in the process to create transformation that lasts longer than the meditation. Deep self inquiry and awareness are key components to the how this modality works.
Physics has confirmed that everything in our universe is energy. This means that we are energy too. Our soul is a unique expression of the One Source of energy and our unique soul is experiencing this life in human form. This form has a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body and an etheric body. Through the energetic portal of the heart, we have access to our higher self, our Christ Consciousness, which is the gateway to our immortal soul.
By actively entering the Sacred Temple of the Heart, we hone our ability to discern the wisdom our higher self has to share with us. For some people, this connection may happen very easily. For others, it takes commitment, dedication, devotion and practice. Ideally this becomes a daily practice where we go within, focus our energy in silence, and listen to the messages that are whispered to us by our beloved immortal soul.
The Sacred Temple of the Heart is a beautifully designed system of accessing our Love-Truth. Each chamber activates a specific frequency which serves a specific purpose on “the path”. As we enter these chambers, they allow us to see with clear eyes what we need to address. Since everyone has their own unique path, we all find what we need when we enter them. And what we need changes as we move through life.
The initial 6 chambers (frequencies) activate the physical body and prepares the physical vessel for living our life purpose. They help us step into action. The next 3 chambers activate the Heart (the emotional body) and the advanced 3 chambers connect us to the Mind of God (our mental body) which holds wisdom, universal knowledge and understanding. The ultimate goal is to awaken the higher chamber of the Sacred Heart which activates the Holy Heart in our etheric body.
Once the frequencies within the chambers of the Sacred Heart are received and integrated, we can use this guiding force as our compass each day. Integrating these frequencies sets the foundation for our soul’s main purpose here on Earth: Ascension.  
Divinely orchestrated by our higher selves, we are living in a moment of the Earth’s cycle where it is possible to ascend to our soul’s higher state of consciousness while remaining in human form. This is a cosmic time of rapid expansion and evolution in quantum proportions.
As we connect to the Sacred Temple of the Heart and consciously activate these frequencies on a daily basis, we are contributing our light to creating the next Golden Age of miracles on Earth.
Isn’t it time for Humanity to embody the Light and Love of our Divine Essence?

<![CDATA[Pausing to Heal]]>Wed, 26 Jun 2024 15:59:47 GMThttp://cymbelescircles.com/news/pausing-to-healIt seems to me, the only time it’s “acceptable” in our culture to actually take time for deep contemplation and spiritual healing is if we’re sick, we’ve had a traumatic life event or if we've had some type of surgery.  And why is this?

Our society perceives “being busy” as social success and this leaves very little time or space for introspection. Yet social success does not guarantee mastery. As we are moving up the ascension pyramid from survival mode to social success, from awakening to empowerment and then to liberation,
how can we consciously “pause to heal” without guilt, shame or fear?

If we are constantly giving our energy to external distractions that prioritize our time and energy, when is there time for silence and tending to our own needs? The needs of the soul that have eternal value. 

Perhaps we can begin by committing to or maintaining a spiritual practice as we begin and end our day? Just start with 5-10 minutes in the morning before we get out of bed and close our eyes, connect to our pillar of light, feel the resonance with our sacred heart and set our intention for the day. And then add 5-10 minutes at night to express our gratitude for the day. Little by little,  your heart will love this connection so much, that you will desire to increase this time in silence to connect with your true self.

Once we give this to our Self, how about setting an alarm on your phone to pause for self-love in moments throughout the day by closing your eyes, going inside and connecting to the Sacred Temple of the Heart.

What if you gave yourself 5 minutes in the car after you arrived at a destination to practice the Sacred Breath and repeat a mantra to focus your mind before you get out, instead of distracting yourself by scrolling through your phone?

Why don’t we consistently offer this time to pause to ourselves?

It's such a simple gift we can offer ourselves. With presence and the intention to make this a priority, it is possible to incorporate these short practices throughout our day. 

As Light Leaders of the New Earth, our calling is, as Gandhi said, to  "be the change we want to see in the world".  Let’s start to lead by example and prioritize this purpose of intentionally pausing to connect with our heart throughout our day. And then maybe stretch this pause for an entire weekend, a week, a month, (or dare I say) 3 months, a year or more…

I can imagine a world where this becomes the “norm”. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if humans encouraged each other to “pause to heal” and that automated  “out of office” email replies said “I’m currently giving myself the greatest gift of love. I Am pausing to heal. I look forward to returning fully connected to the desire of my heart and in alignment with my pure divine essence!”